Raw cat food

Kitty expert says..There are 3 basic types of cat food. Dry, Canned, and raw.

also, just read bold for just the gist.

Dry and canned commercial food is designed so it is easily stored, has a long shelf life, and can be purchased in bulk. Kitty may be addicted to a certain brand (additives!) and some claim to be nutritionally complete. Downsides include highly processed food, carbohydrate fillers, meat sources that can be diseased or tumors, and pet food recalls due to scares like melamine, salmonella, nutritional imbalances. Dry food can be more risky as cats don’t have a strong thirst drive. In the wild, natural prey is about 70% water. Some say that this food is sufficient for cats to survive on, but not thrive, leading to illnesses such as cancer, FUS, bladder infections, allergies, and a decreased life span.

Raw food is made based on a cat’s model diet. The model being mice, birds and other small prey. The combination I use includes raw meat, calcium,vegetables, and raw egg. This is combined with a vita-mineral mix and a reputable multivitamin to make sure that your cat has all the essential nutrients. Taurine is especially essential to your cat, as well as a proper balance of calcium and phosphorous. Downsides of this diet include being time-consuming to make and possibility of upsetting the balance of essential nutrients. Since the meat is raw there are concerns such as salmonella for both owner and pet. A healthy cat has a digestive system that is naturally built to process raw foods, so it’s up to us to follow basic hygiene guidelines when dealing with raw foods.

I follow a trusted published recipe from “The Natural Cat” by Anitra Frazier that owners use with great results and have healthy active cats that live long and happy lives. Manufactured raw diets can also be purchased from certain pet stores such as “1800 Whiskers” by St.Marks.

Benefits of this raw food diet include:

Softer,thicker,shiny healthy looking coat
Less oil and matting of fur
excrement smell less and are dry and crumbly (For this reason alone I don’t want to switch back to commercial)
Improved temperament “Nervous cats calm down, lazy cats perk up” – The Natural Cat
High resistance to stress and disease
Pleasant aroma from the coat

“After using Anitra’s Vita-mineral mix for one month, approximately 85% of my clients notice the following changes: dandruff gone; oiliness diminishing and disappearing… shine appearing, texture becoming thick,rich, and plushy.” The Natural Cat

Working at the Animal hospital, one of the more common pets I see is the obese cat. Owners of the obese cat  report that they are excellent at asking for food, love XXX brand, sometimes also stealing from other pets.  Oh.. they sigh, what can we do but give in to those adorable pleading eyes. true true.. I know I find it hard to resist! But in the end, nothing good comes from an obese cat, and boy do the food and medical bills add up. We usually recommend that you try to switch to a low-calorie cat food, feed the cat more non-fattening foods like grains and vegetables, even mix Cheerios into the dry food. Increasing your cats quality of life so that feeding time of yummy addictive food is not the one and only highlight may also help. You can take your cat to the park in the carrier to bird/people watch, buy a cat tree, play with your cat more, arrange play dates, or even get her a friend.

I wrote this page up as information for anyone interested in raw food diets, as a lot of what I have seen is biased strongly against or for feeding raw. I feed my cat mostly raw, as well as all unseasoned food I eat for a highly varied diet. She’s still a greedy little bugger, so I  increased the fillers -grains/vegetables while decreasing the meat  so that she could maintain a good weight while feeling satiated. When we go on vacation she is fed a combination of dry and raw with no problems at all. While I can’t say that I think there are no issues with commercial cat food, I don’t think that it’s as problematic as the internet makes it out to be.

I believe that the key to a healthy cat is a varied diet, good multivitamin, exercise, and not overfeeding. So relax a little and have fun in the process!