Easy Feeding

To anyone curious about feeding your cat a raw diet…

Feeding your cat is simple!

defrost a frozen patty in the microwave

It should be warm but still raw

Once defrosted, add vita-mineral mix

Mix it, and let kitty munch away

Finally, feed kitty a good multivitamin – Tabby Tab or Nu-Cat


You can start by only feeding on weekends or at night if it is too much work or you are concerned. It will be like eating a salad from time to time.

Cats should be fed 1-3 times a day. Raw food should be left out no longer than 20/30 minutes and raw food health precautions must be taken. See FAQ.

Free feeding (leaving food out 24/7) is not healthy as the smell of food and the digestion puts a constant toll on the body, almost like having the oven on all the time.