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Asian girl kryptonite

Hong Kong. Oh, to be let loose here with an unlimited credit card would be so sinfully delicious. Her: Are you a make-up person? Me: Not so often, more so in HK. Her: Why HK but not NYC? Me: There’s more pressure in HK. … Continue reading

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Cat play. two types.

Some cat-play is purely for my entertainment. The other type is so I can sleep past 5 am.  Sometimes when I play with Blue, it’s all for me. I think Blue would prefer not to be doted on like she’s a toy or … Continue reading

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Blue’s favourite toys

This is purplemouse2, you may have seen his uncle before he went to toy heaven, never to be seen again. I had to make a special trip to buy purplemouse2, but Blue loves him just as much. This is her “prey” toy. She likes best to drop it … Continue reading

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Cat Planking VS Footing..

I hear all the cool cats are doing it.  Not Blue though. Blue thinks that footing is supercool. She likes to keep her tail clean.

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Spot the plonker!

She’s actually about to swat at her tail, poor cat still does it when stressed, frustrated or bored. We thought it was a food allergy at first but despite all our attempts we have only been able to alleviate the … Continue reading

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Kitty Day Care

Is it possible? It seems so! After two months of slow kitty socializing, Pilot and Blue are finally starting to interact! It was a little scary to see two adorable furballs jumping, wrestling and chasing, but I think they are having … Continue reading

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A new friend

The pretty cat is Pilot. Pilot comes over for “cat-sitting” because his lovely owner has a full-time job and realises that Pilot gets bored too. People think that cats are solitary animals, hate to travel, and don’t mind being alone. Just because … Continue reading

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