Taoist temple in Hong Kong

HK may look small on a map but it has a lot to offer. Besides being an international hub and a shopping mecca,  we also have a deep cultural side that can be revealed through the many villages and temples. For a breath of fresh air I ventured with my parents to a temple, the Fung Ying Seen Koon. Taoist temples are especially eye-catching as they are more colorful and decorated compared to Buddhist and Confucian temples. You can usually identify one by a flaming pearl between two dragons on the main temple as well as the lines  of adorable formidable mythical creatures decked out on the roof.

After a brief rainstorm mr. grouchy cat trotted by. He was somewhat disturbed by camera wielding me and trotted off towards the vegetarian food hall. He’s not tricking anyone though. Clearly mr. pious temple kitty has a nice source of meat, just look how round he is!

I also spotted a red-whiskered bulbul (had to google that), and what a cutie he was! Hopping around the temple pillar to pillar, he stopped briefly on the ceiling fan that spun lazily in the breeze, caught up with the chatty sparrows, and swooped down to carefully pick out a plump green berry. If you look closely at the last picture you’ll see it in his beak!

I hope you enjoyed the temple. That day was a great memory for me and I am glad I could share a little of it. I promise (for real this time!) that the next post will feature shopping!

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6 Responses to Taoist temple in Hong Kong

  1. FeyGirl says:

    What a beautiful temple… And such wonderful images (love the kitty and birds!). 🙂

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