Getting around Hong Kong, so many ways!

For those not used to life in a city, Hong Kong can be overwhelming. One overcomes this simply by looking up past all signs and lamp-posts where, for a brief moment, you are amongst the breeze.

So how does one get around Hong Kong? Our public transportation system is awesome. Bus, mini-bus, taxi, ferry, MTR/Mass Transit Railway, and our double-decker tram that has proudly operated since 1912, there isn’t an excuse for not reaching your destination. All reasonably priced and payable with the beep of an electronic card fondly called “baat daat tong” or “octopus” because of its vast compatability. Be it gas, fast food, parking meters, supermarkets, vending machines, ticket booths, using this card saves time for everyone, one of the Hong Konger’s main mantras. Gosh, even our cab doors open and close automatically! ( In NYC disgruntled cabbies will remind you very quickly that this is not the case). Can’t read chinese? Don’t worry. All public signs, maps, and announcements are in english and chinese. It’s an East meets West mentality here!

There are crowds in Hong Kong, and always will be, but none will get in your way like the blobs of shutter happy tourists in Times Square. You too will learn the skill of darting through people like a nimble ballerina, shopping bags in one arm, cold drink in the other. Everyone’s got a place to be, and the collective crowds move like a school of fish, gliding past obstacles, obeying traffic lights and lining up. True Hong Kongers, my friend, are a well-behaved crowd.

This concludes todays todays tour. Thank you for your patience. If you are wondering “what is that thing with the googly eyes?”. It’s not a banana and it’s not any part of a human body, though I have seen that one around promoting prophylactic use. This guy is a giant version of one of our many snacks, something akin to a single cheese puff the size of a hot dog. Mmm. Asian snacks can be fun!

My next post will go one step closer past the streets into the heart of HK, featuring some crazy cute kitty phone covers.

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4 Responses to Getting around Hong Kong, so many ways!

  1. Mum has been to HK twice most recent two years ago for work and found the train system fantastic and thinks the UK to learn from it. Great city xxx

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