Come join me in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong called and its invited you over for a tour!

It was my first stop this summer and also the wonderful city I grew up in. Warm memories of delicious chinese foods, hustle and bustle of busy citizens, and colorful abundance come to my mind. Buildings are blissfully merged, ranging from  vintage chinese apartments, British colonial leftovers, to the polished panes of high-rise towers.

This is just one side of things, but it tells you a little about the history of Hong Kong. Once described as a barren rock dotted with san-pan boats, it was colonized by the British where it flourished into its unique East meets West culture. China resumed sovereignty in 1997 where Hong Kong now runs under the one country two systems political system. I grew up during the switch from West to East and I wouldn’t have exchanged it for anything. Its getting a little late now but do stay tuned for more tidbits of my travels day by day, and I promise that felines will soon be involved!

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5 Responses to Come join me in Hong Kong!

  1. I visited Hong Kong in August 1969 and fell in love with your amazing city. I would love to return and see how it has evolved. Your photographs are most tantalizing. Thank you.

  2. Dianda says:

    I’m dying to go to Hong Kong! Mostly because my boyfriend and his family are originally from HK. 🙂

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