Preventing the Apocalypse: Keeping Your Cat From Destroying Your Stuff

What a great list! Its pretty clear the author knows what a kitty needs and likes, and is in good company with a cute little trouble maker! I only employ 4 of these methods, but will follow up with my own kitty entertainment methods. Thanks for sharing!

The number one law of domestic cats is:

Keep us busy or we will destroy something you love

Cats are a lot like children in this way. Either you can make the effort to set up games and challenges to keep them busy, or they can empty your kitchen trash can and play with its contents while your back is turned.

My cat Capo is a year old and very active. When she’s not asleep, she expects someone to be entertaining her, and if I don’t entertain her, she will amuse herself by batting objects off end tables, shredding paper, or sorting the recycling…around the living room.

I’ve used my creativity and the internet to come up with this list of tried and true techniques that always keep my cat occupied:

1.Catnip spray

Unfortunately, cats get tired of playing with the same toys. To make old toys interesting again, spray…

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4 Responses to Preventing the Apocalypse: Keeping Your Cat From Destroying Your Stuff

  1. Pam Cameron says:

    Thanks for reblogging! It’s quite an honor. Your photos are stunning. I especially like your feline photos from your vacation.

  2. thanks for visiting my blog and allowing me to find yours 🙂 cat’s, i love them and they tell me every day that they used to be revered as gods in the past, well they are sure it never stopped!

  3. happycatgirl says:

    I’m happy to have come across your blog! I can sympathasize with the feeling of not having to fuss over food or clean bedding. little deity monsters for sure!

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