Cats and critters of Vieques

 Vieques was blooming with life. Horses roaming wild and fenced, dogs and cats waiting patiently for scraps by food gorging tourists, chickens crossed the roads without question, and large iguanas sun bathed on hot tar roads, perilously close to ongoing traffic. At night we would hear the native Coquí frog whisper “coqui coqui”, “co” to ward off males and establish territory, and “qui” to attract all the pretty ladies. Rather efficient if you ask me.

Ben: Do we have to stop and photograph every cat you see?
me: ….!

Cafe cats were well fed and somewhat portly. These guys possessed the uncanny ability to switch between sleepyface mode to I’m ready for my portion of your food mode in a split second. Salad munching tourists were deemed invisible, while a pulled pork burger granted me a brief upgrade from tolerable stranger to begrudging friend.

Everyone else seemed cared for and free to roam as they pleased, casting a wary eye but confident enough to stay their ground. Some of the older cats looked a little crusty and didn’t bat an eye as I drew close, as if they had long seen their fill of camera happy tourists.

 There were many other critters near and far…and always a stunning view to boot!



About shirley

One of the friendly staff at ABC Animal Hospital
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4 Responses to Cats and critters of Vieques

  1. hugr5 says:

    I LOVE IT! 🙂

  2. Wow, fantastic photographs!

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