Oh how I miss my Romeo

Romeo.. orphan in Vieques, Puerto Rico, where I disappeared to last week. A recent rescue by the seaside ranch we stayed at. Every day, darling Romeo would come trotting for a quick cuddle before darting off to explore again. At night we would hear little footsteps – Romeo having his midnight run under the  starlit night.

The whole island is beautiful, wild, clean, and refreshingly sparse. A relaxing beach-town atmosphere unspoiled by the many spring-breakers and old wrinkly grandparent tourists. Dotted with beaches, horses, cats, and occasional chickens, we dined on red snapper, conch till we were sick, snorkeled and enjoyed our bacardi coke on tiny beaches. Weather was perfect, not scorchingly hot with a pleasant breeze and ample shade, and more stars in the sky than I have ever seen. The spectacular event of the trip was night-time kayaking in the Bioluminescent bay. a bay full of microorganisms that lit up like fireflies when the water was agitated. What an amazing phenomenon! The water around the boat and the oars would twinkle as the kayak drifted through the mangroves as though full of tiny LED’s. Matched in full by the dark moonless starry sky above. A scoop of water trickling through our hands would sparkle and shine like liquid starlight. The largest and brightest in the world, and definitely an unforgettable experience. best. vacation. ever!

Stay tuned for upcoming shots of the resident island cats and a few other critters my dear WordPress friends. I missed you all and its great to be back!


About shirley

One of the friendly staff at ABC Animal Hospital
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5 Responses to Oh how I miss my Romeo

  1. P. Graham says:

    Your style of writing is so beautiful! Although you’re just recapping your experience in Puerto Rico, your description of it brought me out of my Brooklyn Apartment to the beaches you were speaking of. I was definitely carried away with your words. You totally made my morning 🙂 Btw, Romeo looks really cool 🙂

    • happycatgirl says:

      Thank you! Such kind words, you totally made my DAY! Vieques was so beautiful, the experience practically wrote itself. =) The first time Romeo saw the camera he ran away, then ran right back for a closer look. What a funny character!

  2. Rayya says:

    Romeo is just precious. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. Looking forward to pics of more critters 🙂

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