Cat people vs dog people

Most interestingly…” Sam Gosling, a psychologist at the University of Texas in Austin and his graduate student, Carson Sandy, conducted a web-based study in which 4,565 individuals were asked whether they were dog people, cat people, neither, or both. The same group was given a 44-item assessment that measured them on the so-called Big Five personality dimensions psychologists often use to study personalities.

Just on the basis of the nature of dogs being more sociable than cats, one might expect that the personalities of dog lovers would also reflect higher sociability. The results showed that dog people were generally about 15 percent more extroverted and 13 percent more agreeable, both of which dimensions are associated with social orientation. In addition, dog people were 11 percent more conscientious than cat people. “Conscientiousness” is a tendency to show self-discipline, to complete tasks, and aim for achievement. The trait shows a preference for planned rather than spontaneous behavior.

In comparison, cat people were generally about 12 percent more neurotic; however, they were also 11 percent more“open” than dog people. The openness trait involves a general appreciation for art, emotion, adventure, unusual ideas, imagination, curiosity, and variety of experience. People high on openness are more likely to hold unconventional beliefs while people with low scores on openness (dog people) tend to have more conventional, traditional interests.”


Yapping Yak features a really well written article on personality differences between cat and dog people. Cat people being more introverted, open, creative etc. I can definitely imagine myself as having been a cat in my past life. Blue and I seem to gravitate towards a similar sleeping pattern and both harbour dislike for the noisy vacuum cleaner. Also, caring for a dog is more work than caring for cats, which explains why dog people are more likely to be dog and cat people while cat people are just cat people. I bet that goes hand in hand with cat people being more unconventional, and having less traditional interests. Totally fine with me!

Thank you Yapping yak for sharing this with us!

Yapping Yak

I never thought I would be a cat person. But things change, and I surprise myself daily (well not really). Just like I used to HATE taxation and swear quantitative things are not my thing (well, I have to admit that quantitative things still do not come to naturally, but hell they are sexy), now I am all about it.

I wonder how the switch happened. I mean in terms of dog v. cat person. I don’t think I changed; more like, I rediscovered myself.

This actually relates to a TED video I saw today, on how introverts are brainwashed and tend to pretend as extroverts. Interesting. (What kind of bias is this? Reaffirmation? Selection?)

Dog People vs Cat People

I was having coffee with a friend of mine who is a professor of psychology. As we chatted, he brought up the fact that he had broken off his relationship…

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2 Responses to Cat people vs dog people

  1. YK says:

    Haha glad to see that you are happy being a cat person portrayed in the article. Some cat owners were pretty upset about this article (as shown in the comments on the website). Funny

  2. happycatgirl says:

    I haven’t read them in detail yet but I like that they say anyone who doesn’t like cats just doesnt know a cat well enough. its true that there is a lot of misconception out there about cats being antisocial and unloyal, and more stigma with cats. so sad. =(

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