Blue’s favourite toys

This is purplemouse2, you may have seen his uncle before he went to toy heaven, never to be seen again. I had to make a special trip to buy purplemouse2, but Blue loves him just as much. This is her “prey” toy. She likes best to drop it on the edge of the bed, sweep it off, and catch it before it hits the ground. Always a close call between the catch and the hypothetical escape. And of course, there’s that thing she does where she will casually walk past it, step back, step on it, be offended, finally grabbing and tossing it in the air!


This is pinkfish… Blue likes to grab and hold on to her, carrying it to and fro. She likes to hangout with pinkfish within sight. She doesn’t fight it or toss it, just likes to bring it around, keeping her company like a security blanket. We’ll wake up to find it on our bed, in the hallway, even on the kitchen counter or table top. I think she must imagine that it’s her adopted kitten of sorts, her baby to love and protect. Why is Blue just sitting there staring at me with pinkfish? I think she was posing for the camera.. her special treat to me. Erm.It’s just my imagination that Blue looks like she’s plotting to eat me in my sleep right?


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14 Responses to Blue’s favourite toys

  1. Blue Boy is a handsome fella!

    • happycatgirl says:

      Thanks! Its funny you said that, we also thought she was a boy because of her looks and boisterous personality… what a shock I had when we took her to the vet for the first time!

  2. Awesome article and photos!!!!!! 🙂

  3. littlebangtheory says:

    What a nice post, and what a purrrrrty cat! Our Mr. Cat would be smitten to make her acquaintance, I’m sure!

  4. rayannsom says:

    wow!!! Blue is absolutely stunning…what a beauty!!!! Audrey also has her favorite ‘mousies’ -(“kitty where’s your mousie!?”) she carries them around in her mouth – hops up on the bed, and drops it infront of me for me to throw – I throw – she flies off the bed to retrieve – and brings it back. She is very picky with her mousises though – they need to be of the small variety – the typical felt body & tail – but it seems only certain ones – even though all similar – she adores. Usually it has to make some noise when it’s shaken. Constnatly out buying new mousies because they go msising so easily. Spring cleaning is her favorite time because they come out of every nook, pillow and corner – mousises galore!! lol anyways…liking your blog 🙂 look forward to your postings -Rachel

    • happycatgirl says:

      Thanks! Sounds very much like Blue- she also likes the sound making small fuzzy variety except that shes not as smart as yours and we cant really request to play fetch. Its all her call. Woke this am with a nom’ed mouse under my back!

  5. hifay says:

    So cute, but just a tad bit evil looking, just like a cat! 🙂

    • happycatgirl says:

      yes, I think she looks a little evil too, but perhaps its just the lighting. Normally she looks as sweet as can be, even when she plants her little teeth into my poor ankles!

  6. Zara says:

    Blue is gorgeous I love her green eyes! My cat has lost interest in his cat toys and is more interested in watching the birds outside (sometimes he brings one into the house).

    • happycatgirl says:

      Thank you! Blue’s interest in her toys also changes like the wind, so I sometimes hide the ones she really likes so she won’t get bored too quickly. Your cat must be a great hunter to catch birds. What a lucky kitty! Poor Blue only has my toes and little insects to catch inside the home.

  7. Blue has stunning green eyes and is absolutely gorgeous!

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