Cat Planking VS Footing..

Apparently cat planking is all the rage now

I hear all the cool cats are doing it.

 Not Blue though. Blue thinks that footing is supercool. She likes to keep her tail clean.

Cat footing. nothing like waking up to a foot in my face!


About shirley

One of the friendly staff at ABC Animal Hospital
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3 Responses to Cat Planking VS Footing..

  1. Your cats are so cute. My cat tends to foot, but not plank…maybe she is too old for the latest fads?

  2. Haha, I love it! Buttons might put up w/it. When she was a kitten I used to dress her up in little outfits…my excuse is I was ten at the time. 😉 Tomorrow starts the photo shoot. If anything there will be some good blooper pictures.

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