Kitty Day Care

Is it possible? It seems so!

After two months of slow kitty socializing, Pilot and Blue are finally starting to interact! It was a little scary to see two adorable furballs jumping, wrestling and chasing, but I think they are having fun. Pilot’s secret technique is to walk away like she doesn’t care, then jump Blue when she least expects it. Blue’s more of an attack from the side kinda gal.

Pilot: If you jump me ONE more time I will BOP you.
Blue: But.. but..but.. mreowwwooooeeewwwoeoeoowww……

After a good chase and tumble, nothing beats a nap. Cue annoying camera “clickclickclick”.

Blue: keeping my tail fluffed until Pilot is ready to play again.
Pilot: ZZzzzz…

 so, all New Yorkers that only have space for one little kitten, its time find a buddy and begin socializing your cat. kitty play dates FTW!


About shirley

One of the friendly staff at ABC Animal Hospital
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