Great NY times article on raw pet food

“it’s hard to justify dumping a can of mystery meat for Bo while the rest of the family is sitting down to grass-fed osso buco with a side of biodynamic polenta. As people eat more sustainable seasonal produce and meat raised and butchered outside the industrial system, so do their pets.”

A great article that covers the good in home-made food as well as the very real risks. It’s nice to hear that even butchers are starting to sell their own mix of foods, lets hope that they use a trusted and balanced recipe. I know that there are a few companies that are selling raw meat foods and freeze-dried raw foods for competitive prices that look promising. Perhaps in the future when I have children, more money and less time, I too will be buying a variety of these foods for Blue. I do have concerns as the number of hands and shipping the raw food goes through.. but just a tiny one. You wonder how long it is before the meat sells, especially as raw food is still a relatively new and unknown choice in pet foods and how cold those top open freezers stay. I spoke to the pet store owner by OST on Ave A the other night. He says that there aren’t a lot of people buying the raw food, but they do offer it there if you are interested! Hopefully in a year or two, specially in our beloved New York raw meat diets will be a strong alternate option for dry and canned foods.

I read up about the risks and benefits of canned VS raw rather frequently, I don’t even look at dry food much now, and there are just so many different opinions out there. it’s a little scary that every one also has a different formula for the raw food that has allowed their pet to stay strong and healthy, but somewhat encouraging in a small way. There may be more than one correct formula, but on the other hand there are still the few scare stories of pets getting very ill on the wrong mixture. I feel good that I know exactly what is going into what Blue eats, where the food has been, and how long its been sitting out ( very little time). She eats every thing, so if I can find a high quality canned food we can add as a supplement I may do that for ease to the caregiver when we travel. I’m constantly monitoring Blue to make sure that she isn’t acting strange ( more than her usual cat antics) but it can be hard to tell what is healthy and what may be a warning sign. I hope that there are other neurotic kitty parents who know how I feel and that I’m not a total crazy cat lady! Well, look out for my next post on signs to look out for in a healthy cat!


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