A new friend

Pilot tests out the new cat apartment while Blue stares on.

The pretty cat is Pilot. Pilot comes over for “cat-sitting” because his lovely owner has a full-time job and realises that Pilot gets bored too. People think that cats are solitary animals, hate to travel, and don’t mind being alone. Just because they tolerate, doesn’t mean that they enjoy. Cats like to play, they like to interact stalk, tumble, chase and it’s just not the same as a toy mouse. Your cat may hate the carrier because its only used to go to scary places like the vet’s, but those that travel with pets between different homes will tell you otherwise.

We had a slow start as cats are territorial and don’t like being abandoned. Slowly Pilot learned that mom always comes back and Blue and Pilot are learning to share. That means that the cat that thinks she owns the place is done staring daggers and tracking every move the newcomer makes, and has finally realised that he is a potential playmate. *sigh of relief*. Pilot is the perfect gentleman when here. It doesn’t matter that he is bigger, can jump twice as high, that Blue is a girl, or even a neurotic possessive terror that thinks she’s the bigger fry. Pilot says “its cool” when Blue reclaims every surface he examines, flips out and tries to hold on to her scratching post with all 4 limbs when he has a scritch.  When Blue initiates the sniffing and investigating and makes little hissy noises when she gets too close, Pilot says “its okay” and backs off even though he did no wrong. Pilot is the calm collective cat, the cool cat that avoids eye contact and treads carefully while Blue is asserting territory.

Last week all his patience paid off. Blue has finally realized that Pilot isn’t as clumsy and slow as Shirley, and plays just like her! Now we can all relax a little. We live in a converted cat room and I already see him eye the toys, the posts that he wants to play with and nap on. Instead of awkward staring contests, Pilot will now have more exercise, loving cuddles, and grooming once to twice a week. *hurrah!*.

He is also trying the new raw cat food at home, even though he’s totally addicted to what he has. Its hard work for mom as Pilot expresses displeasure by flipping his dish over and making a mess. Pilot is a lucky cat, so very lucky that his busy working mom will make the effort to wean him off fancy feast, will wake up earlier to drop him off before work, and try new things for him. She knows that in exchange for his loving company and cuddles, Pilot too deserves a stimulating and healthy lifestyle, a good quality of life. =)


About shirley

One of the friendly staff at ABC Animal Hospital
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