Introducing Blue!

I’d like to introduce my raw cat food connoisseur, cat toy tester, morning alarm clock, and mascot for happycatgirl. Meet Blue! The grey furball up there on our ikea bookshelf. Blue was a shelter cat, saved from a kill shelter that euthanized animal in plastic bags, once a tiny cranky squirmy grey fur ball of 2 months, now our love and joy. Named after a character in Orhan Pamuk’s “Snow” but also because we think she may be part Russian Blue.

Full of personality, one of her many adorable characteristic is that she is a cat that likes to fetch. We never taught her, and she never asked us. It started with her throwing her toy mice on our bed, and us throwing them off. (I still wake up to find many a toy mouse in my face). Then she would bring it back, again and again until she got tired and would flop down on her side.

Enough chit chat .. see for yourselves!


About shirley

One of the friendly staff at ABC Animal Hospital
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7 Responses to Introducing Blue!

  1. Barbarella says:

    Haha, doggie cat! And I so love the ending “ok human, your turn now” 😉

  2. Amanda says:

    What kind of shelter euthanizes animals in a plastic bag? 😦

  3. So cute! My kitty Sniffers is just like this! (Except black.) But she brings us hair elastics to throw for her (that she steals out of my drawer.) 😀

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