Best DIY cat toy ever!

Here is a little something I came up with:

Blue's favorite wand toy

Its wiggly and squirmy just like a worm, something that kitty will dive and jump after tirelessly. Best of all, the nice card board handle doesn’t give you stiff fingers and makes it hard for kitty to tear the toy of your hands!

Sure you can pay more for a flimsy plastic stick attached to something fuzzy that kitty will tear up in a week, or you can use this cheapo toy. It’s ergonomically suited for us to hold, and you can use endless possibilities of thick string and ribbons. You just have to remember to unclip and put the string away for safety reasons.

Use a clip that doesn’t have sharp edges or tape it down with electrical tape. I am using an X-Acto brand clip here which as you can see has only round edges.

It is important that you remember to store all string/rope in a safe place when you are done playing. Lots of kitties swallow string and get their intestines tangled =(. Exploratory surgery can save their life otherwise it can become life threatening very quickly.  Especially kittens that get hungry when you are out. If you think your cat may have swallowed a string, never pull or you will cause additional damage and bring them to the vet immediately.

Since I haven’t seen this anywhere else, I am taking copyright liberties here and naming it the “Wiggly worm toy!” Hohohoho!

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3 Responses to Best DIY cat toy ever!

  1. We should patent some of the home made toys we make for our cats. Haha. I know some of mine were better than shop bought. And lasted longer too…

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